Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cricut Classroom

A while back I posted a picture of Mother's Day cards I have created with my Cricut Explore Air. At the time, I had recently purchased this wonderful machine for card making and scrapbooking type stuff. 
Then, as I was cutting circle for my word wall headers by hand, a light bulb went off. This Cricut has a "Print then Cut" feature! This means that I can design the items on the Cricut software, print them on my regular printer, and have the circuit cut them out for me! 

 I had all of these done it a matter of minutes! The best part is they are all perfectly cut and the EXACT same size! 

New colors meant new word wall cards too! I had all of these typed up ready to print, dreading cutting them all out. What did I do? Moved them over to the Cricut Design Studio, made sure they were the size I wanted, printed and cut! All the Kindergarten sight words ready to be put on clothes pins and hung up! 

The last thing I made were these header cards. I LOVED this idea from Third Grade Thoughts. I had already changed the colors and the fonts to semi match my classroom this year. Instead of cutting them out by hand, I uploaded them to the Cricut, printed and cut, and then all I had to do was tape them down into my planner. 

I can see LOTS of classroom items coming from the Cricut Explore Air before this school year is over! 

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