Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have had time to sit down and blog! Between tutoring 3rd grade after school on Mondays and Tuesdays, meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, along with conferences and an awards assembly... I am EXHAUSTED! However, I am very excited to link up for the February Currently with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE The Pioneer Woman, both her show and her blog. If you haven't watched it, you simply MUST! 

Loving: Sundays that I do not have a million places to go or things to do are always a winner in my book. Hubby is still sleeping, the dogs are curled up around the living room, and I'm blogging away in my PJ's! I LOVE IT !! 

Thinking: Although I do not have places to go, and none of my grad work in due tomorrow.. I should probably use some of today to get ahead incase something crazy comes up. 

Wanting: I saw this wonderful planner on someones blog, and of course all over Pinterest! I must have one for next school year! Although I love to make my plans online, there is just something about having them written out for me to get to in an instant, and I just LOVE PLANNERS! 

Needing: You know, the usual, laundry and working out .. not to mention I should start working on my North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching application. If you are from NC and haven't heard of NCCAT, please check it out!! My teammate, my mentor, and I are trying to go to a wonderful week long professional development in Ocracoke, NC for Balanced Literacy in K-3. We aren't sure that we will have the funding to pay for ours subs, but I need to go ahead and get my application submitted just incase we can come up with the money! 

Pageant Title: As you saw above, I LOVE PLANNERS, however I still am the queen of procrastination. I always wait until the last minute to do anything! In my defense, it has been proven that I get better results when I do things last minute! 

**Side Note: This currently took me longer than any other! I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro, and couldn't figure out the best way to put my own text on the Currently from Farley's page. What program do you use to add text to your pictures for your blog? **


  1. Hello! When you said Erin Condren planner I was so excited! I have a Life Planner for the first year and it my newest obsession! A friend had the Teacher Planner and I didn't love the layout for me, but she also had the Life Planner and it was great! I have a referral link that will give you $10 off your first purchase (email me if you'd like it! If you are on IG I post pics of my Life Planner layout each week (@michelle_alltogether). I don't know much about Macs (I'm a PC girl) but I use PowerPoint to add my text. I copy and paste the blank graphic into PowerPoint then add text boxes. Then group it all together, right click and save as JPG. It may be a bit diff for Mac though, not sure!
    Hope that helps!

  2. Your thinking and my thinking is what's happening in my mind right now. Lesson plans, grad school, what is that? hahahah. I'm just going to sit here. It's Sunday and it's super hard for me to get mentally ready until around oh, 8pm. :)
    I use Powerpoint to add text, but usually if I save the photo to my desktop on my mac I can add text straight from there. There's a little button at the top that looks like an old school pen and then you can add a text box. That's what I use for the currently's!
    Have a great rest of your day!!!!
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  3. I'm also a Procrastination Queen and have laundry piled up :(. I guess it will get done sooner or later :).

    The Learning Chambers

  4. I love lazy sunday, too! I'm still in PJs and reading blogs....fave thing to do!
    Also - I use PP for the Mac - screen shots of everything (Command+Shift+4) and then do all my creating in Power point. Easy Peasy....hope you love your new computer!
    BigTime Literacy