Sunday, February 8, 2015


I am so excited to announce that my teammate and our mentor will be attending NCCAT the week of February 16! If you are not from NC, or even if you are and haven't heard of it, NCCAT is the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teachers. They have two locations in NC, one in western mountains of NC~Cullowhee, and one at the NC coast in Ocracoke NC. NCCAT has several programs throughout the year that focus on a variety of different topics. My teammates and I will be attending a session on Building a Strong Literacy Foundation in the Early Grades. We found this session about a week ago and word all afternoon to come up with a way to get money for substitutes for those 5 days. This session aligns directly with my schools School Improvement Plan, as well as with my Personal Development Plan. Moving from 3rd grade down to first, I sometimes feel like I am missing pieces of solid literacy instruction to help my babies learn to read. I anticipate coming back from this workshop with lots of new techniques and tips that I can use to help myself and my students. I'll have to spend this coming up week get all my lesson plans together and organized for the sub that is coming in, lucky for me she is a retired teacher so I know my babies are in good hands! I can't wait to come back and share all the wonderful knowledge and ideas that I got!!! 

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