Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Currently

Hello All! I'm linking up with Farley for the September Currently :) 

Listening: My group of firsties this year are such chatter boxes when I come home I do not want to hear a sound. Luckily for me, the hubs had to jet off to work right about the time I walked in the door. I haven't had the TV on at all tonight! 

Loving: I am almost done with our reading benchmark testing, only 8 more students to go! We do not do a beginning of the year, county wide, math assessment- CRAZY I know, so I have my students working on one while I am pulling others! 

Thinking: WOW I AM EXHAUSTED! On Wednesdays, my students do not go to a special, they only have PE in the morning, not getting that afternoon break makes a HUGE difference! I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things as well! 

Wanting: A Yeti cup! My Teacher Assistant has one and I am so jealous of it! We only have one teachers lounge and it is at the other end of the school, a cup that kept ice all day would be a dream come true! 

Needing: I should be doing laundry, or getting ahead on some graduate school work, but blog stalking just seemed to happen :) While I'm on the subject of Graduate School, don't be alarmed if you see talk of different math task for school uploaded in the coming weeks. One of my classes required us to have a blog and I knew managing two would be TOO MUCH! 

3 Goals: 1) Be patient: I have to keep reminding myself that this first graders are still babies, they haven't reached the point of my group at the end of last year. I feel like it is taking so long for them to learn the procedures and start to follow the rules. I have incorporated some aspects of Whole Brain Teaching and we started our "practice cards" today. I'm hoping after a few days of missing their free time they will understand I mean business! 
2) Lose Weight: I have been "dieting" off and on for a while now and every time I have a few good days or weeks something happens and I fall off. I'm trying to keep a steady healthy eating kick going. I'm hoping as school starts to settle in my sister in law and I can work out a gym schedule! 
3) Be positive: I have a bad habit of speaking my mind, even when my opinion isn't such a positive one. Another teacher at my school is working on this goal along with me. It's hard to break a habit you've had since you were young, especially when you get it so honest from a parent! I'm trying though. My teammate is keeping me one the right track, we balance each other so well!! 

What are you up to ? Link up with Farley ! 


  1. It seems like everyone has "patience" as a goal! You're right, I never seem to remember how "young" they are at the start. Best of luck to you this year!

  2. We might be twins! Currently my dogs are running around like maniacs as well! I am also tired, need to do laundry, and I looked at the yeti mugs on amazon the other day! Have a great year, Michelle

  3. Eh I want a Yeti cup too!!!! I am trying to hold out till I get last month's TPT earnings to help me get one!!!! Lots of teachers at work got one as an end of the year gift from parents. Makes me want one more!

    The Brand New Pencil

  4. Patience is something that is needed for teaching but so difficult to have when you directly work with (in my case) 27 students with no patience. I am trying to be positive as well this year. Just do my job right, be a role model for my kids and fly under the radar. Good luck!

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