Monday, September 14, 2015

Storage Unit Exploration

Storage Facility
The owner of an empty building wants to construct walls to divide the building into individual storage units. All the space in the building will be used for the storage units. Each storage unit will have a door on the outside (perimeter) of the building.
Part A
Design the Storage Building
The grid that follows represents the rectangular floor of the building. Draw lines on the grid to divide the floor into 9 individual storage units.
The following rules apply:
  • Each unit must have a rectangular floor.
  • Each unit will share one side with the outside edge
    (perimeter) of the building.
  • The storage units must not overlap.
    The sizes of the storage units and the number of each size that must be included in the drawing are shown below

    1- 5 X 5 
    2- 5 X 10
    1- 5 X 15
    2- 10 X 10 
    1- 10 X 15 
    1- 10 X 20
    1- 10 X 25

    For this problem, I started off with the largest piece and put it in place first. I then started adding the smaller pieces that equaled that large piece. I was able to put all the pieces in buy continuing to work from largest to smallest and added pieces that would equal the next biggest piece.

    When I finished, all my pieces were in place and met the criteria ! 


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