Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Little Late November Currently

This sinus infection, in combination with all the work I have going on, has me a little behind on the November Currently. Late is better than never though ... right? 

Listening: Nothing really, but Big Bang Theory is on the TV as I'm working away

Loving: it's almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love love love the Holiday season! Spending time with family, having a nice break from school, and having a pretty good excuse to make crafty things in my classroom!!

Thinking: I'm still getting over this sinus infection and I'm exhausted! If I didn't have report cards, and graduate school work to do, I'd go to bed right this minute. 

Wanting: Other than wanting to go to bed, I'd like the time to curl up with a good book and not think about a single other thing! 

Needing: Finishing up report cards and grad school assignments, both of which are due tomorrow :(

Yummy: Corn Puddin' -- more specifically my grandmas! She passed away last September and no one can make it like her! Aww I miss her so much :( 

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