Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starting Fresh-Currently 2015

As I sit here trying to mentally prepare for tomorrow, I thought I would link up with Farley at Oh Boy 3rd Grade! 

I have so many goals in mind for 2015 (weight loss, continued adjustment to first grade, graduate school, photography, and managing my personal blog I just hope I can get them all accomplished. 

Link up and post your currently :) 


  1. I am totally with you about dreading back to school! I am so grateful that I have a work day to mentally prepare but I would love to have a few more days off!

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow and that it isn't too bad! ;)

    Chalkboard Charm

  2. Back to school is tough! And wearing sweatpants to school would be awesome!

    Hope tomorrow is a good easy day back!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. I hear you with all the goals! I am dreaming big this year and working towards graduate school as well so I understand where you are coming from!

    Mrs. Hudgens Hears a Who