Sunday, August 30, 2015

Assessments Already ?!?

That's right, we are starting the second week of school tomorrow and on Tuesday my county starts our benchmark testing, mClass Reading 3D. Now if any of you teach first grade, you know that having those babies sit and work independently at the beginning of the year is a stretch and this is where the problem arises! I completely forgot how needy first graders are at the beginning of the year., this is only my second year in first grade as it is!  I went into this year thinking about how much last years babies could do, that was a HUGE mistake! 

I have been stressing out ALL weekend about what my firsties can do independently while I being testing all 21 of them! Now don't get me wrong, I will be glad to have the testing out of the way and to get all that wonderful data for those lovelies, BUT ... WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH THEM ?!?! 

I need advice, help, answers, resources, reassurance, anything that you think may be beneficial!!! 

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