Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five For Friday

It seems I am always a day late when it comes time for Five for Friday! I just can't even get it done on time! Late is better than never though right? 

I spent all week at a Reading Foundations training and I learned so much! It was an amazing week filled with lots of new knowledge and ideas about teaching reading. We discussed how all the parts [phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension] all fit together to made a solid reader. We also discussed ways that we can help our students be successful in al those areas, plus ways to identify areas a student may be struggling. Parts of the training were reassurance that we were already doing the right things in our classrooms! 

Before training each morning, I went to school to work in my classroom! We received our calendar for the teacher workdays next week and everyone went into panic mode. Not only do we have 9,000,000 meetings, they also moved Open House to a Wednesday instead of Thursday. Losing that whole day makes HUGE difference on my stress load! 

After working on my room for about an hour each morning this week, I also went to school today to work from 8:00 - 3:00. I accomplished so much today and am feeling a little bit better about my classroom. 

 Word Wall is up! Just have to add the Kindergarten words for the beginning of the year! 

Calendar and Letterland is up and ready to go :) 

Just tonight, I submitted a Donors Choose project for MP3 players in my classroom. Currently, I only have 1 old tape player. It only sometimes works, and my students struggle to get the tapes in. I'm hoping that having 10 MP3 players will give my students wonderful opportunities to sit back and enjoy listening to a good book. 

This year, I am incorporating Whole Brain Teaching into my classroom and I am SO excited about it! Here is my Super Improvers Wall, just waiting for a title :) 

What did YOU do this week? 

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  1. Good luck with your donor's choose project! That sounds like it'd be so great for your students.

    Carolina Teacher