Sunday, August 23, 2015

Better Late Than Never - Classroom Reveal

I can't believe it's time to get back into the daily grind of the school year! I feel like Summer just started! I guess that could be since I spent the first half of vacation at school! Open House went well on Wednesday night and my room is all ready for those bright smiling faces tomorrow morning! We had to make a last minute change, my teammate will now be doing a combo class, again, and I gained three more kiddos!!! I'm trying to stay positive and make the best of it though :) 

I never got around to posting pictures of my classroom before Open House, so here are a few before the days of learning take over and it doesn't look so new and clean anymore. 

**I just realized/remembered I'm going to have to have another table, more chairs, and another bookshelf! Not to mention, I'm not sure if that carpet will hold 21 firsties! 

 Super Improvers Wall as you walk in the door. 
 View from the doorway- The back of the bookcase is chalk and normally has a welcome message for my students. 
 Classroom view from the door. 
 Looking left from the door. Student cubbies and tables
 Front of the room from a side angle
 Front/Side area- behind the chair is our calendar and Letterland area. 
 View from the front of the classroom. 

WARNING! This next image has nothing to do with this blog post :) 

This weekend, the hubby and I, went to the NASCAR race in Bristol, TN. While there I made a new friend with this Praying Mantis! He sat on my boot for 30-45 minutes just looking around! The people sitting around us thought it was the coolest thing! 

If you are already back in school, I hope your first week went well! If you are starting back tomorrow with me, I'll be thinking about you :) 

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  1. Your classroom looks great and I look forward to reading about your adventures.